What Is Home Staging?

Home staging has been known by several names over the years. You may have seen advertisements or have heard from Realtors about home staging services. But what does that really even mean?

Essentially home staging is a service to prepare your home  or another property such as a rental or even a business for optimal sale. Whether currently lived in or empty, the process typically involves a walk thru consultation  from a Home Stager before your home is listed for sale (or if it's been sitting on the market for a while and need some help). They will give you advice and practical tips on how to improve the marketability of your home to get it sold more quickly and for a better price in your market. They will interview you and ask your number of questions about your budget, your hopes and goals, and your capabilities so they can develop a plan that is workable for you and get you what you want. 

The primary goal of the home Stager is to help you sell your property and there are three  main goal that they have in mind to achieve this end. Firstly to make your home look as large as possible. Secondly to make it look as well lit as possible. Thirdly, to make it look as updated.as possible.  These three goals will undergird whatever plan the home Stager develops as these are the first impressions that make all the difference for the “saleability” of a property.   It can be really challenging for a homeowner to see their property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Some property sellers make the mistake of thinking that an empty property will be easier for a buyer to visualize since there's nothing in the way. However the opposite is true. human need a point of reference to visualize themselves in a space so staging even an empty space makes a huge difference in the first impression and sale of a property.  Weather lived in or empty once the home Stager has completed their walk-through they will provide the owner with a plan with items that they can do or can be outsourced to get their home the best possible position for that first impression where the buyer formed their opinion in the first 30 seconds. Not only will this make a difference in the online listing photographs but but most definitely at the in person property viewing.  In the first 30 seconds of potential buyer will make up their mind whether to move on to the next option or keep going further to find out why they liked the property in the first place.

The Home Stager will recommend a number of items that will typically include the following:  De-cluttering, small repairs, painting, and lighting.  Almost every home or property can stand to benefit from these four main tasks. There could be other recommendations but these typically are the main four. If a seller is serious about  getting the best return on their investment then they need to be serious about focusing on these four key areas. A good realtor will be able to recommend a professional and reputable Home Stager and sometimes might be included as part of their Realty service. However more commonly the homeowner will pick up the bill for that service but easily recoup it. It's been said that more money is lost in the first price drop then is lost in the cost of a complete A to Z home staging service. Home Staging is definitely a worthwhile expense for those are serious about selling their home quickly and for the absolute top dollar in their market.

If you are looking for a professional Home Staging service in the Greater Ottawa, ON area, contact us today at Regal Home Staging for a free consultation. It is our aim to help Ottawa homeowners and realtors sell properties quickly and for top dollar!